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Tangelo marijuana strain is a 80 Sativa/20 Indica marijuana hybrid. This kush was crafted by Colorado Seed Inc. From its prominent parents the herb has inherited delicious aroma of oranges, tangerines and tropical fruit. Tangelo is an ultimate mood picker upper and energy booster. The strain is moderately potent, well suited for beginners. The nugs are neon green, spade-shaped, covered in thick trichomes and amber hairs. Tangelo marijuana is good for morning and day time use. Mail order marijuana online USA

Type of High

Tangelo marijuana strain induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Uplifts mood, energizes body and mind. Improves focus and boosts creativity. Followed by relaxation. Controls pain, helps with stress and depression. Mail order marijuana online USA


Tangelo WEED strain in is across between Tangerine Sunrise and Gorkle.

Tangelo marijuana strain