Sweet Lafayette marijuana

Indica Dominant Hybrid - 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 16% - 18%

Sweet Lafayette is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain. Created through a cross of the insanely powerful Frankenstein X Lemon OG Kush strains. Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online . Also, this bud combines the best of both of its parent strains into one tasty stoney package. More so, the Sweet Lafayette high starts with an uplifting euphoric head rush that leaves you in a hazy state of bliss with mental pain relief and absolutely no racing thoughts whatsoever. More so, this head high slowly ebbs throughout the rest of the body in warming relaxing waves that leave you completely sedated and stoney beyond all reason.

This warming effect quickly becomes tingly and incredibly narcotic, eventually lulling you into a peaceful and pain-free sleep. Powerful indica heavy effects and its moderate 16-18% average THC level.Sweet Lafayette is said to be perfect for treating insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, appetite loss, and asthma . Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online

 The smell and taste of this bud are just as delicious as its effects . Also,  Sweet Lafayette has a sweet earthy citrus bouquet that has a nutty rich chestnut aftertaste that sweetens pleasantly upon exhale.  More so, these buds have small super leafy dark olive green nugs with sparse dark amber hairs and very few clear chunky crystal trichomes. Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online

Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online

The Sweet Lafayette high is a kush fan’s dream come true.Also, it starts off with a cerebral rush that leaves the smoker feeling hazy and euphoric.  More so, As it moves its way through the body, it brings with it tingles and creativity without giving you the racing thoughts that sativa blends often produce. Further more,  Enjoy the smooth come down that fully relaxes your body, leaving you refreshed and happy. Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online

Stress, depression, bipolar, and anxiety are just a few of the disorders that Sweet Lafayette can help. Also, the sedative-like effects are good for headaches, pain, muscle tension, and insomnia. Soothing your muscles and relaxing your body into a nice slumber. Buy Sweet Lafayette marijuana online .

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Sweet Lafayette marijuana