Kryptonite kush strain has an indica dominance at a rate of 85/15 and a THC level of 25%, making it strong and potent. It is fairly rare and known for its skunky, earthy aroma. Its flavour is surprisingly sweet, with notes of sour grapes to offset the bold and rich berry taste.

Type of High

Kryptonite kush strain induces a euphoric and drowsy high that is perfect right before bed. It is not recommended for users with low tolerance, but can be useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety.Buy grams of weed online, buying weed online reviews, buy skunk online uk, online dispensary canada, best online dispensary, online dispensary shipping worldwide, online dispensary USA, 420 mail order, buying weed online, can you buy weed online, buying synthetic weed online,buy marijuana online

Kryptonite kush strain