Goblin marijuana strain is an Indica leaning hybrid with a THC average of 18%. It smells and tastes of penetratingly rotting grapes with sweet soil and lemongrass with a nutty finish. Buy marjuana online USA

Buds are medium sized spades with vibrant tangerine hairs and amber crystals. It can treat spasms, insomnia, pain, appetite loss and nausea. Ideal for evening or usage. Buy marjuana online USA

Type of High

Goblin marijuana strain's high beings with a spacey, foggy lift of elation. Through this distracted happiness, a hungry buzz takes over the body until it turns into nap-worthy sleepiness. Buy marjuana online USA


Aka: Goblin Kush
Lineage: Goblin Marijuana strain is a cross between SoCal Master Kush and Kingsblood cannabis strainsBuy marjuana online USA



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