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Easy Bud Marijuana is a sativa, this strain is descended from a lesser-seen ruderalis variety. Ruderalis plants can be remarkably easy to grow, hence this strain’s name. Easy Bud was developed by Dutch company Royal Queen Seeds. Unfortunately, this unique strain’s lineage is undocumented -- but suffice to say that Easy bud offers moderate indica effects and a relatively long-lasting high. Its THC content has been measured at between 10% and 17%.

Easy Bud is marked by relatively large and cohesive flowers. When trimmed, the buds have a distinctly tapered formation, somewhat like miniature Christmas trees. Notably, these flowers seem to have a hybridized bud structure: while dense and indica-typical at their core, the leaves grow loosely outward at the fringes in a more sativa fashion. This effect results in deep, coral-like creases in the pattern of the leaves. The leaves themselves are a pale sea green and are wound through with hairy yellow pistils. Finally, glassy white trichomes give these buds a very sticky texture.

A bright citrus aroma wafts up from the cured flowers of Easy Bud. A second whiff reveals a very funky pungency, similar to that of Cheese. Meanwhile, grinding up these tight buds gives off some notes of spice and pepper. When burnt, Easy Bud gives off a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke leaves behind a taste of sour lemon, along with some skunk on the exhale.

Easy Bud offers a surprisingly subtle and gradually mounting high. Several minutes after toking, smokers may detect a tingle in the upper face. At the same time, they may notice their senses sharpened into a new kind of awareness -- certain external stimuli may take on new dimensions or significance, while thoughts may flow in a more freely-associative manner. This is not to say that Easy Bud is especially cerebral, though. Instead, consumers are able to settle into its mental stimulation with ease and little-to --no mindrace. The strain’s ability to induce an upbeat, carefree mindset makes it an asset in busy social situations, where it can spark lively conversation and a sense of camaraderie. As time passes, Easy Bud slides its users gently into a deep physical relaxation. Eyelids and limbs may begin to feel weighty, while deep, restorative breathing begins to happen more easily. While not strong enough to be totally couch locking or paralyzing, Easy Bud’s effects are substantial enough to distract the consumer from whatever they may have been doing. As such, this hybrid shouldn’t be relied on for accomplishing complex, analytical tasks. Because of its generally sedate and soothing vibes, Easy Bud is recommended for evening and nighttime use.

Easy Bud’s subtle effects can be of use to medical cannabis patients as well. Its early, attentive properties make it a good concentration aid for those with attention deficit disorders. Meanwhile, the strain’s mood-lifting effects can have great temporary benefits for mild to moderate cases of stress, depression, and anxiety. Physiologically speaking, the strain can dull pain, whether it’s temporary and injury-related or deep-seated (as due to conditions like fibromyalgia). It may also take care of minor inflammations like indigestion and headaches. Because it is not known for triggering the kind of deep, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia, Easy Bud is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Easy Bud Marijuana