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Blaze marijuana strain

Sativa  THC: 20%


Blaze is a 100% sativa strain created through crossing the classic Haze X Blueberry strains.  Thanks to these heady effects and its potent THC level. Blaze buds have small tight minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and dark leaves coated in vibrantly white crystal trichomes. The smell and flavor of Blaze is very sweet and earthy. With a notable blueberry grape overtone that's slightly spicy and herby at times. Buy Blaze Marijuana Online

Type of high

The Blaze high comes on hard and fast with an eruption of cerebral effects that launch you into a long-lasting bright head high that lends itself well to daytime activities.  It hit almost instantly with a razor-sharp focus and an increase in energy. Now is the time to plow through that to-do list, as the cerebral rush that comes over you pairs perfectly with daytime activities and will have you bright-eyed for hours.

Medical Applications

Blaze is the perfect bud for treating chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, or headaches, fibromyalgia, and eye pressure or glaucoma. Blaze lends itself nicely to conditions such as mild to moderate depression and fatigue because of its extremely energetic properties. It is also highly beneficial for cases of chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, cramps, eye pressure, and glaucoma. If you’ve had a long day full of pain, Blaze is just the thing you need to relax and slip into a calming evening. Buy Blaze Marijuana Online

Blaze Marijuana